Why volunteer at the IEC?

Volunteers are a critical and valuable asset to our organization. As a nonprofit, the IEC depends on the professional skills and expertise that volunteers bring to our program. If you enjoy learning about other cultures and want to make a difference in the community by helping adult immigrants and refugees learn valuable skills, please consider volunteering at the IEC. We’d love to have you!

What volunteer needs do you have at the IEC?

We need volunteers to fill several roles at the IEC – both inside and outside of the classroom. Please see the list below for examples. Contact us at 612-871-6350 to find out what volunteer opportunities are currently available.

  • Classroom assistant – Assist instructors in the classroom or computer labs.
  • Citizenship tutor – Assist students in preparing for citizenship exam.
  • Elective instructor – Instruct an elective class on a specific subject matter.
  • Guest speaker – Serve as a speaker at seminars and workshops on careers, post-secondary education, law, finances, etc.
  • Conversation group specialist – Meet with students once or twice a week to participate in conversation to assist them with pronunciation and interpretation.
  • Office assistant – Serve as an assistant to staff and teachers to help with general office duties, as needed.
  • Student surveys/market researcher – Assist in the development of marketing plans for new products and new markets.
  • Social media strategist – Create, develop and implement an effective social media strategy.
  • Immigrant/ESL researcher – Research immigration trends, profiles and projections for use in various work projects.
  • Newsletter coordinator – Assist in the design of a professional and regular newsletter for staff, students, alumni and donors.
  • Event planner – Assist in establishing policies and procedures for various events.
  • Fundraising specialist – Create and develop materials and systems for fundraising.

Do I need training to volunteer at the IEC?

The Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC) Pre-Service Training is recommended for all volunteers who will work with students on a regular basis. The Pre-Service Training prepares volunteers for working in an Adult Basic Education center with a focus on ESL or GED instruction.


Resource Guide for IEC volunteers

If you currently volunteer at the IEC, please refer to the IEC Volunteer Resource Guide for more information about the IEC, volunteer roles and expectations, cultural considerations, tutoring methods and more. 


Apply to volunteer at the IEC

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