Give to the Max on Nov. 14

Are you ready to Give to the Max on Nov. 14? You can help the IEC by donating as little as $10 on Give to the Max Day.

Donate $10 to cover the materials fee (paper, pencils, folders) for one student for one quarter.

Donate $15 per month to pay for a Netflix subscription that a teacher can use to purchase educational videos to show in the classroom.

Donate $25 to cover the cost for bus passes for a class to take an educational field trip.

Donate $50 to buy a set of books for one class. Each student will be able to keep a book to practice English.

If you don’t want to wait until Nov. 14, head over to our page at and DONATE TODAY! Otherwise, we hope you’ll visit our page on Nov. 14 to donate a little or a lot to the IEC. Our Board of Directors will match total donations on Nov. 14 up to $1,000.

Click here to learn more about Give to the Max Day.