Give to the Max TODAY

It’s Give to the Max Day! You can help the IEC by donating as little as $10.

  • Donate $10 to cover the materials fee (paper, pencils, folders) for one student for one quarter.
  • Donate $15 per month to pay for a Netflix subscription that a teacher can use to purchase educational videos to show in the classroom.
  • Donate $25 to cover the cost for bus passes for a class to take an educational field trip.
  • Donate $50 to buy a set of books for one class. Each student will be able to keep a book to practice English.

Head over to our page at and DONATE TODAY! Our Board of Directors will match total donations today up to $1,000. (Note that our page on the site refers to the Institute for New Americans, which is the IEC’s umbrella organization.) Your donation to our organization is 100% tax-deductible.

Click here to learn more about Give to the Max Day.

Our students would like to thank you: